We are an NGO working with the prevention of trafficking in persons, attention to women in context and exercise of prostitution, Colombian migrants returning to their home country, and victims and survivors of human trafficking. We implement processes of promotion and empowerment, from a gendered perspective and the protection of human rights, so that the population we serve may be restored – and enforce their rights.

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    In the year 2020, we will be an internationally recognized organization in the fight against human trafficking.



    Los valores, los principios y las creencias influyen en la forma en que desarrollamos nuestra actividad. La relación entre esta organización y los socios/as, voluntarios/as, beneficiarios/as, financiadores/as, proveedores/as, la sociedad en generalse caracteriza por:

    · Transparencia
    · Respeto
    · Solidaridad
    · Responsabilidad
    · Apartidismo


    It is a process that allows to support, guide and strengthen a person in the resolution of personal, family and social situations, to be autonomous and able to fulfill her/his life project.


    Process that includes actions and guidelines that go through the life of each person from the individual to the social, providing the tools for the enforceability of their rights.


    Intentional actions that a person directs towards her/himself or environment, to regulate the internal or external factors that can compromise life, safety, happiness, health, own development or well-being and good living. In the case of women, it is harder to implement because they consider themselves more caregivers than «target of care».


    All the aspects that surround the situations that a person wants to look at. It is a series of personal conditions, and / or the environment, that favor a person taking a decision for her/his life.


    All those freedoms, claims and faculties that each person – without any distinction of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, political option or any other nature – can enjoy. They are universal and non-transferable.


    Series of rights relating to the sexuality and reproduction of women and men. All people have these rights, without discrimination of any kind, to take decisions with freedom and without violence. They aim to achieve maximum well-being and the best quality of life.


    Process that allows people to make decisions, be assertive, increase their self-confidence, influence change and be recognized as subjects of rights. Specifically, for women, it is like each one is granted power.


    Both men and women have the same possibility to enjoy their rights. Gender equity is basically focused on offering fair opportunities to women and men, who – regardless of their physical differences – have the right to fair and equitable access to the use and benefits of the same goods and services. They can take decisions in an equal way in the different contexts of life (political, economic, social, family and cultural).


    It is the space in which each woman can apprehend, reflect, build knowledge and derive it in transformative action.


    Through the free, responsible and conscious use of instruments and mechanisms, a person can exercise his/her rights, individually and collectively.


    Noun and verb, means «to be able to». It refers to the faculty, facility, domain, jurisdiction or power that a person owns to do something, command or execute. It implies making decisions and having access, control and benefit of resources.


    Series of actions to identify and reduce risk factors and promote protective factors in people, groups and communities, to reduce the damage.


    Series of actions aimed at encouraging people, who lack the means and opportunities, to manage a situation of deficiency or vulnerability. It is based on education and training actions to promote organized participation.


    Process that aims to restore the freedom and integrity of people as social subjects and the ability to effectively exercise the rights that have been violated.


    All forms of discrimination based on the sex of a person. These actions offer a series of privileges to men or to the masculine with a posture of «naturalness» and make women or the feminine inferior to them.


    The rehabilitation process involves overcoming victimization, the re-elaboration of the facts, the regeneration of trust, self-esteem, forgiveness and the restoration of the social fabric. Only when a victim can mourn, reprocess the facts, tell her/his story and exchange experiences can change her/his attitude towards the situation and reconstruct her/his life project.


    It is the murder of women for reasons of sex.


    It refers to the social construction of the fact of being a woman and a man, to the interrelation between both and the different relations of power / subordination in which these interrelationships are presented. (OXFAM, 1997). The Sex-Gender System has historically generated a situation of discrimination and marginalization of women in the economic, political, social and cultural aspects, as well as in the public and private spheres, establishing very clearly and differentially the intervention of men in the sphere productive and of women in the reproductive. This differentiated social position is constructed from the assignment of distinct roles, spaces, characteristics and identities to each person, due to their biological sex, which results in a differentiated situation (in terms of rights, values, opportunities) and a complex code that organizes and regulates relations between the sexes.


    System of beliefs and opinions that guide people towards a concrete way of understanding and valuing the world.


    It is a human right that refers to the identical value that should be given to all people by the mere fact of being born.


    Process of participation of civil society to influence the formulation of public policies and create spaces for the full exercise of citizenship.


    The ability of a person to take the initiative, convene, promote, encourage and motivate a group of people to achieve something together. It is the process of influencing others and supporting them to achieve common goals.


    Mobility of population consisting in leaving the place of residence to settle in another country or region, usually for economic or social reasons.


    Is the act or process of returning to the country of origin or a third country, voluntarily or forcibly (obliged).


    One of the manifestations of sexism, expressing in hatred or repudiation of everything associated with women and the feminine.


    It is a way to see and understand the world and make visible its inequities. It is creating the necessary conditions to reduce the gap between women and men and build vital and social projects based on a clear political will.


    It is a process carried out with people to strengthen their empowerment, realize their life project and fully exercise their rights.
    With respect to victims of trafficking in persons, in Colombia the reintegration process lasts from three to six months, up to a maximum of nine months in exceptional cases.


    It is an activity exercised by adults who, by personal decision, offer sexual services in exchange for money and / or any other type of compensation.


    Series of «selfcare» actions aimed at preventing or diminishing negative or undesired consequences related to situations of violence.


    It is the violation of human rights and a crime which threaten the very essence of the person: life, freedom, integrity and dignity. It is the buying and selling of human beings. It is the transfer within or outside the country of people for exploitation.


    Level of risk faced by a person, family, group or community, when exposed to a series of personal, structural and environmental factors. These risks can affect their life in a negative way, diminishing their capacity and resources to face them. Vulnerability may also originate in belonging to defined populations, among others due to ethnic, generational, territorial and gender


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