The Amstrad CPC was typically criticised for its video games, yet if you were to look past its many Spectrum ports, you’d find there were a lot of superb treasures for it. Join us as we celebrate 10 such instances that no Amstrad proprietors must be without.

North & & South North & & South is a great example of what the CPC could do when it wasn’ t being overwhelmed with Spectrum ports. Whilst Infogrames’ traditional technique title clearly can’ t intend to match the visuals of the impressive 16-bit variations, it’ s impressive how well it records the spirit of the original French comic Les Tuniques Bleues on which the game is based. The good news is the gameplay shows to be just as immersive as the striking visuals as well as you’ ll soon find yourself hysterically trying to reclaim as much of your challenger’ s land as feasible while you fight it out with infantry, substantial cannons and also mobile forces. Outstanding things.


The easiest suggestions are often the very best and also they put on’ t get far more straightforward than the fantastic Spindizzy.At site from Our Articles All you need to do is direct your rotating top around 386 isometric screens trying to find jewels. Appears straightforward right? Well no, not really, but that’ s why it s so fantastic. While most of the jewels are conveniently placed, they quickly begin to show up in all kind of hard-to-reach locations, much of which require real resourcefulness to get. Later jewels can only be reached by flicking buttons, using lifts as well as also jumping gorges, and that’ s before you even take into consideration the terrain that comes to be significantly difficult to discuss the further you proceed. Oh, and also did we state you need to collect all these jewels within a stringent time frame

Complete Eclipse

By the time Total Eclipse showed up in 1988, programmers Reward already had two Freescape titles under its belt. While there was nothing wrong with the sci-fi setups of Driller or Darkside, the familiar setup of Thirties Egypt makes Complete Eclipse much easier to associate with. It likewise helps that it’ s extra technically competent, has superior puzzles as well as a weird tone that makes discovering the pyramid extremely climatic. A number of play auto mechanics were presented and there was a tight two-hour duration to complete the video game in, which would have been fine if the pyramid itself wasn’ t so complicated to navigate.

Prince Of Persia

Prince Of Persia is fairly perhaps among the most striking games to ever appear on Alan Sugar’ s 8-bit computer. Released in 1990 it’ s a real discovery and conveniently showcases what the CPC can do when it’ s truly pushed. While the levels look sumptuous it’ s the incredible animation on the royal prince himself that truly excites. Gameplay is equally as excellent, with the prince completely responding to either journalism of a joystick or stroke of a key. Who recognizes? If games like Prince Of Persia had actually shown up at the start of the CPC’ s life (as well as not god terrible rubbish like Bridge It) things might have been fairly different.

Chase HQ

On an unexpanded CPC 464, the digitised classic line provided by your energetic companion – “ Let – s Go, Mr Chauffeur could not be listened to. But that didn’ t interfere with the gameplay of what was definitely a famous CPC gallery conversion by Ocean. If there was one issue about this video game, it was that it obtained your adreneline pumping to the extreme, making your palms perspiring as you surrounded the bad guy with the clock ticking perilously near to ‘& lsquo; Video game Over , and also smoke putting from underneath your tyres.The graphics were colourful as well as beefy, the rate, particularly when pressing the turbo, was remarkably fast. Couple of video games might match the speed, or certainly the action, of this game.

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