The Corporación Espacios de Mujer is a No Governmental Organization (NGO) that, in the city of Medellin and Valle de Aburrá - Colombia, assists women in context of prostitution, migration and Human Trafficking’ victims. It implements processes of accompaniment, promotion and empowerment that, from a gender perspective and in the constitutional mark of the Republic of Colombia, of the humanitarian international law and the protection of human rights, improves the effective enjoyment of attended people’ rights and the promotion of their self-development.


In the 2015, The Corporación Espacios de Mujer is an organization recognized at national, regional and international level for leading effective processes of social, cultural and city transformation, with a strong impact on Colombian policies that improve the quality of life of the women in context of prostitution, migration and Human Trafficking’ victims.


Since its beginning, the Corporación Espacios de Mujer proposed to contribute to improve the living standards of women engaged in prostitution in Medellín and Antioquia, in their private life, work and social environment, assisting them to acquire tools that allow them to exercise their rights and duties as women and as a specific group: to exercise their job in a dignified and secure way.
Its position on prostitution is not repressive and is based on empowerment, self-care and reduction of the damage, leading to the construction of methodologies and specific routes of attention.
The PERSPECTIVE ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND GENDER is the transversal line of all its action.
On the other hand, the constant investigation and analysis of the dynamics of the context of prostitution have led to the knowledge of other situations of vulnerability and violation of human rights as it is Human Trafficking, an important axis to analyze, investigate, prevent and intervene, so much at internal as international level.

The Corporación assists mainly adult women who, for their own decision or on the base of concrete necessities, or induced by somebody that belongs to their environment, opt to exercise the prostitution in some moment of their life.